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MYMH is your daily tool for a more organised mind and happy life

  • Set a daily intent - Cut through the complexities of life and focus on one single thing to work on each day

  • Track your mood - Learn how your happiness and motivation levels fluctuate during the week

  • Mind management tools - Take advantage of a range of simple tools to help you be more positive, manage your worries better, and much more

  • Learn how to help yourself and others - Complete interactive mini lessons on everything from time management to how to deal with panic attacks

MYMH is in the early stages and is constantly evolving - New features and lessons are added every week

About the Team

Why did we make MYMH?

The MYMH team believe that mind management tools and mental wellbeing support should be readily available to everyone, no matter what your situation. We want to build a structure that you can use every day to help simplify and breakdown some of the more complex aspects of life, while building mental resilience.

We also believe that learning about the mind is a critical skill that everyone should learn. Like learning your own native language, it is necessary to understand how the mind works to effectively communicate with yourself. In turn, we want to give people the skills to help not only themselves, but also those around them.

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